• Is Panic Button…on the Go an App?

No, Panic Button…on the Go is not an App and can be used on all types of Cell phones


  • How do I Register?

Visit www.paniconthego.co.za click on Join Now and follow the easy steps.


  • How does payment work?

Choose between Monthly Debit Order, Recurring EFT or Recurring Secure online payment via Pay Fast.


  • How long before I can use my Panic Button…on the Go?

Activation takes approximately 48 hours after payment is received.


  • How do I know if my Panic Button…on the Go is activated?

You will receive the Following SMS with your unique number.

‘’Welcome to Panic Button…on the Go. Please save *000*0000*00# as a speed dial on your phone. 24/7 Regards Saturnus Select”

You will also receive the Following 2 SMS's

“Dear Saturnus client. With our new platform and Definity location service, please reply “YES” to the SMS you will receive form your network provider”

and the network authorization SMS for your location:

“Dear  customer, Definity requests access to locate you via your cell phone as part of the service. To consent SMS "YES" or to opt out SMS "NO"


  • How often my I use may Panic Button…on the Go and what is the cost?

You can use it as often as you may need it, at no extra cost.


  • How does Panic Button…on the Go work?

In a panic or emergency situation press the preselected Speed dial on your cell phone, we will receive your panic signal and we will call you back immediately.


  • When and where can I use Panic Button…on the Go?

You can use Panic Button…on the Go 24/7 anywhere in South Africa.