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T's & C's


Please read the following Terms and Conditions and make sure you understand them.


Agreement Terms & Conditions

1.  )  The fee for “Panic Button…on the Go” is R175 per month.

2.  )  48 hours after registration and payment was received an activation SMS will be send to the client’s cell phone, from which date the client qualify for the benefits.

3.  )  The client is aware of the participating dealers and the benefits that he/she is entitled to.

4.  )  Benefits may change at any time. Panic Button…on the go will distribute any changes In benefits to all of its members.

5.  )  To use included emergency services, I must activate my panic button on my cell phone by doing that I give Saturnus Select permission to locate/track me.

6.  )  To make use of my benefits I can also contact the Saturnus Select.

7.  )  This service is not transferrable to another individual.

8.  )  Payment for services and benefits is upfront. If there is no payment received there is no services or benefits.

9.  ) All information given in my registration form is correct. If any information change, I will inform Saturnus Select.

10.) It is imperative to note that, in order to utilize the Panic Button...on the Go function, the User / Affiliate MUST have a minimum of R1-00 Cellular Airtime on his/her phone in order to send the Panic signal to the Select Call Center. (Free minutes and anytime minutes does not apply)

11.) Panic Button...on the Go clients must please take note that this is an emergency service and that all clients

  • May use their panic button in any emergency.

  • Are entitled to one free test every 6 months to ensure that it is in working order.

  • Can make two false activations over a 12-month period.

  • That abuse of the activation of your Panic Button…on the Go service via your cell phone will be charged and invoiced @ R75.00 per false activation or test. (Clients are entitled to one free test every 6 months)

  • Service will be suspended if account is overdue.

This monthly membership includes Panic Button … on the Go as well as the following Benefits:

(The following is a summary of your benefits.)


Roadside & Accident Assistance

Emergency Medical Service

Trauma & Assault

Legal Assist

Security Assist

Home Assist


All benefits can also be obtained through the Saturnus Select (Pty) Ltd 

REMEMBER:  Panic Button…on the Go will be active immediately after you received your SMS. Please test your panic button to make sure it is in working order.